That Place

Garden Route

Rooms: One 3-bedroom self-catering cottage let as a whole: 1 king with en-suite bath and shower and 2 twins (1 ideal for children).

Prices: From R750 - R2,000 per night for the whole house.
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Meals: Self-catering, but Bramon Wine Estate an easy walk away for lunch. Dinner can be arranged to be ready in fridge/oven for your arrival. Discuss with Jo when you book.

Directions: Travelling in the direction of Port Elizabeth on the N2, 20km east of Plettenberg Bay. At The Bramon Wine Shop, turn right off the N2 and follow the signs to 'That Place.'

GPS: 33 57'28.89"S 23 28'35.02"E

Jo and David Butler
The Crags, Garden Route, Western Cape

Tel: (0)44-534-8886
Cell: (0)82-578-1939 (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm)
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This is "that place...," you know the one you talk about for years after you've been there. “Do you remember the time we went to South Africa and stayed in 'That Place' where we watched the elephants wandering through their paddock across the valley, where we hazily dreamt in the hand-crafted sauna. We braai'd and feasted for hours on the deck, the kids duck-diving and splashing in the waters of the private pool - do you remember?” Jo and David have created a memory-building, self-catering home. And that's just what it is - a home. It's not grand or pretentious, just comfortable and happy to have you. I was shown around by a very modest David who failed to mention that the great wooden table and chairs, the sauna and the three cheeky fish sculptures suspended on the wall (amongst other details) had sprung from his own gifted fingers. I met the dogs too, all eight of them, from William Baskerville the Great Dane down to Robert the feisty Jack Russell. Don't worry, these chaps live next door and won't bother you unless you want them to. But if you want them to…! Also next door are elephants which can be seen from the house, along with monkeys and a huge variety of birds. “You named your dog after a Holmes character?” I asked Jo. “David did,” she replied, “he's very into his literature.” Sounds like the perfect man to me - unfortunately already taken by Jo who is equally wonderful.

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That Place
In the lounge - books, music, tv, dvds and a LOVELY fireplace
The children's bedroom - teddies, toys, games ...
In the downstairs outside bedroom - nice and private!
Well equipped kitchen - good parties are prepared in here
A rather moody shot of the pool - surrounded by nature
The pool - before it was fenced, looking across the garden to the house
From the kitchen - it's an open plan design, so the chef is never excluded from the fun
The master bedroom complete with inspirational headboard, with thanks to Modigliani!
undercover barbeque (braai) & outside lounge area
al fresco lounge & dining area
rolling views over the Buffels River Gorge

Extra Information from the Owners

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What to Do in the Area

Cruise The Crags: Animals, animals and oh, some more animals

The Crags is a great place to be - only a few minutes drive from the small coastal town of Plettenberg Bay - it is alive with wonderful things to do and see!

Take our Animal Alley for example - we have Monkeyland Primate Sancutary, The Birds of Eden and the Elephant Sanctuary and then the wild cats at Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness centre.

You can spend a glorious day with the Cheetahs, learn about the endangered small cats, interact with Earl the Marabou Stalk (he is a one!), before walking through the most extraordinary freeflight sanctuary at Birds of Eden with hundreds of amazingly technicoloured birds - they have thought of everything, right down to it's own waterfall!! And belive me, it'll take you hours to potter around oohing and ahhing - it's a bird watchers paradise.

Then right next door there is the largest free roaming sanctuary for primates - Monkeyland. Visit their world and their space! And those Monkeys are just a must. Lara and Tony created a haven of 14 hectares for a variety of species of endangered primates. They've given them a second chance and the monkeys are as pleased as punch!!

And not to forget those magnificent elephants. What better way to end a day with a visit to the Elephant Sanctuary? Chris has created a beautiful home for his six orphaned ellies. These gentle intelligent creatures are not to be missed - walking trunk-in-hand through the indigenous forest, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And for those with a little adventure in their souls, pop next door (yes, it is indeed next door) to the Snake Sanctuary. "What?" I hear you cry, "a SNAKE SANCTUARY?!" Oh yes indeed, and by the time Mike and Emily have had you for half an hour, you will really learn to respect (not necessarily love!) these slithery fellows.

Last but DEFINITELY not least - our sea world - Ocean Blue Adventures cruise the wide blue bay extolling the wonders of the deep. We are so jolly lucky to live where we do. Dolphins all year round, frolicking in the deep and the waves (they are the BEST surfers around), seal and pelagic birds, a sunken ship and from May to November the Southern Right and Humpback whales. Although, I must tell you - we have a whole school of Bryde whales who live in our bay, but they are shyer than the boisterous show-offs who visit us each winter.

Cruise The Crags: The Art of Shopping

"Shopping is an Art", I tell my husband. He feels he can resist and sticks instead to poetry and sculpture. Fortunately we are not all like that.

It's super to cruise through the quirky little shops of our talented locals in The Crags. Pru with her jewel-hued sun-dyed fabrics and her fabulous cloths and pots and jewellry. Pat & Kyrle with their internationally acclaimed raku pit-fired pottery in all it's splendid forms - bowls, basins, animals, tall men, masks, fat lady candle holders - it's beautiful. Our local Village ladies in their shop Women on the Move, who make beaded bags, quilts, carpets, table runners and hand-painted cloths. The Mill Centre with with its soft snuggy mohair blankets & socks and warm wooly scarves, the antique shop and the leather there, well, those bags! The hats!

And swooping down towards Plett, is another shopping extravaganza - Old Nicks ... ladies, it's just great. Janet and Stu have created a little shopping world - exquisite handwoven fabrics, hand-made soaps and creams and bubbles, knicknacks, pottery, bonsai, cacti, jewels and crystals, stones and gems, marvellous homemade treats for your dogs and cats, and a yummy restaurant, all make a visit most satisfying!!

Cruise The Crags: Choose to Chew

And for the hungry and discerning we have three great places to chews (pardon the pun) from!

The only wine estate this far east of the western cape (if you know what I mean) is Bramon Wine Estate. It produces a dry brut Sauvignon Blanc cap classique sparkling wine! But it's MUCH easier to drink than to explain. So while you quaff this delicate beverage in the quaint ambience of the vineyards overlooked by the mountains & the ellies next door you can indulge your taste buds with locally made cheeses, oysters, salmon pate, pate de campagne, homemade pies, pepperdews, olive butter, freshly made bread, salami - it's a symphony of tastes! Plus they also have six great wines to choose from.

There is also the Peppermill, down Animal Alley - who have a most scrumptious array of food. And a vegetarian selection which would tempt the most meat-eating of eaters. I have to say that on the meat eating side, the hamburger is a sure winner! They do great breakfasts and lunches. And, Nick is a vegetarian fundi - those fallafal burgers, well, you just can't get better. For those of you who have a penchant for the dessert section - try Nick's chocolate cake. It is really "death by chocolate".

And if that is not enough, should you desire a beach treat, well, look no further than Enrico's Restaurante! "Any closer", says Enrico, "and you'll get wet!". It's a brilliant way to end a day, or spend a day for that matter, right on Keurbooms beach. So you can while away a few hours bathing in the sea and working on that all important tan (bring high factor sun-lotion cream though!). Then when a little thirsty or hungry, Enrico and Ornella will delight your taste buds with their genuine Italian fare and hospitality!