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Cederberg Wilderness Area

For the hardy hiker, the Cederberg Wilderness Area (all 71,000 hectares of it) offers some of the most spectacular hiking and trekking in South Africa. The wilderness of sandstone scenery is breathtaking and it's a hotspot for San and Khoi rock art sites that can be anything from 300 to 6,000 years old. Trails are unmarked but well-trodden and while there are a number of routes that people follow the emphasis is on forging your own route - a rather adventurous concept. A map is essential for this.

  • Animals: see plenty of baboons, dassies, duikers, rarely see Cape clawless otter, porcupine, honey badger, very rarely see leopard, though they are common.
  • Plants: fynbos galore. Watch out for the attractive, purple-blue ridderspoor on the lower slopes and the endemic and rare snow protea on the higher peaks.
  • Birds: more than 100 species including raptors like black eagles, rock kestrels and jackal buzzards.

Prices: Adults pay R30 for day hike entry, R60 for overnight hiking, kids R20 for day hiking, R30 overnight. A map is the most essential item and can be bought from the camp in Algeria (which, by the way, was named by a French nobleman reminded of Algeria's Atlas mountains) or by ordering it from the telephone number below.

Contact: 30km south of Clanwilliam off N7.
Tel: 022-931-2088

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About Cederberg

For a relatively small city, Cape Town spreads out a long way, but I always find it remarkable how easily you can escape the urban sprawl and find yourself in wild country if you travel along the west coast. The West Coast and Cederberg make for low-stress, high-reward travel, all within just an hour or two of the so-called Mother City.